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Constitution ("Yes - sun! Yes - darkness!")

The work is shown at the exhibition "Utopia" in Minsk. Installation is the consistency of the artist's various projects and reveals several main themes with which she works: the strategy of revealing through concealment, working with religious symbols and objects of worship, including those found in her parents' house; the topic of the relationship with the father; the ambivalent nature of the images found; working with the concept of parts of speech - verbs and adjectives.

Installation is divided into three visual and semantic zones:
Physical, bodily: in front of the self-portrait, the artist exhibited an image of her father's torso, printed on metal (photo from the archive of photographs of Zhanna Gladko), reinforcing the themes of continuity and gender (in the photographs the father and daughter have the same age; along the father's line, the artist has genetically Ukrainian and Russian roots ). The image of the torso is superimposed on adjectives from the hymn "Internationale" (as the most utopian anthem of all times).

Religious, mystical: illuminated church lamp, broadcasting the prayer "Hymn to the Sun" uttered in a whisper, the object includes the image of the patron saint John the Warrior.
State, political: verbs from the three constitutions of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine are projected onto three metal shields. The anthem of the International is broadcast on headphones and 11 more anthems are played along with it.

To demonstrate the image of the Constitution, all parts of the installation were deliberately subordinated to a rigid compositional hierarchy and mathematical calculation.

If in other works the artist destroyed verbs in order to deprive the text of action, an edifying message, then in this series, on the contrary, she consistently singled out verbs from the constitutions of three countries and adjectives from the International, three modern anthems of Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, in order to strengthen them “Efficiency”, “quality”.

Constitution - The artist here considers the constitution not only as
legal document, but also as a way of mathematical
devices and body constitution (body-module in the hierarchy of social,
state systems).

"Yes - sun! Yes - darkness!"  - A modified replica from Pushkin's poetic work "Bacchic
song ":" Long live the sun, let the darkness hide! ", this quote
was used in the basis of the poster slogan of the times of the revolution
(1917-1918) including in the fight against illiteracy, for education.

"Hymn to the Sun"  - Renaissance hymn of St. Francis of Assisi to "Brother Sun" -
one of the first historical examples of a religious anthem.