Inciting Force cycle
Relentless Flow Of Time  2023
Waves Of Future  2022—2023
Reality Will Manifest On Its Own 2022
Vicious Circle 2021
Parallel Dimensions 2021
Return of Lilith 2016—2021
The More Are See 2018
Hymn to the Sun 2017
Dust 2012
Presence 2011—2017
Ambivalent 2010


On the Other Side2022—2021
Return of Lilith. Winter Solstice 2020

Inciting Force 



In 2012, at the contemporary art gallery Ў in Minsk the artist presented a collection of objects from her family archive. This way the exhibition became a quasi-museum exposition dedicated to her relationship with her father, an artistic research of the power category. It was the first presentation of the project “Inciting Force.”

The exhibition was telling about the artist’s conflict with her father: from the childhood when she was a doppelganger of her father, who would teach driving, hunting and fishing to Zhanna; to the time when they started to part, when according to him she started to be a stranger and became the Other.
Specifically for this project, the artist took gunpowder out of the bullets and mixed it with the dust she had collected in her parents’ apartment, hence, destroyed her father’s bandolier. According to the research that says that in texts men use more verbs, while women use more adjectives, Zhanna Gladko “destroyed” every verb in the instructions left by her father.

A fragment from the project “Inciting Force”,
solo show, gallery Ў, Minsk, 2012