Inciting Force cycle
Relentless Flow Of Time  2023
Waves Of Future  2022—2023
Reality Will Manifest On Its Own 2022
Vicious Circle 2021
Parallel Dimensions 2021
Return of Lilith 2016—2021
The More Are See 2018
Hymn to the Sun 2017
Dust 2012
Presence 2011—2017
Ambivalent 2010


On the Other Side2022—2021
Return of Lilith. Winter Solstice 2020

print on glass, video projection

At the heart of the work are two antagonistic Belarusian flags. The official flag of the Belarusian government is red-green and the white-red-white flag, banned since 2020. It's the opposition flag, with which the Belarusian people go out to peaceful protests.
Since 2020 any use of protest flag symbols can be subject to fines or penalties of imprisonment and detention.

The exact dates and times of the official approval of both flags in different years are known (1918 / 1995). The artist took a symbolic image of a sky map at the time of the flags approval.
Using a light beam, the graphic image on the glass blends into a complex unified shadow creating a general field. The artist is interested in the themes of illusory reality, layering of different segments of history, non-linearity of temporal space. It's when one reality and history coming into conflict and dialogue with another is distorted and layered. And it becomes a shadow zone.

In the video projection, the artist walks along a forest road, gradually moving farther and farther into the forest. But the observer camera does not let the figure out of its field of view, bringing the receding figure closer each time. The camera doesn't let it out keeping it under observation, in focus until the figure is completely blurred and turns into a digital pixel field.
Fragment from the project “ When forms become attitudes”,
gallery Krynki, Poland,