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Not Alain Delon

Series 2016 — 2019
Metal, print

The series was shown in Paris in 2018 as part of a queer festival, as well as at a queer exhibition in Minsk in 2016.
One of the key themes of the Inciting Force project is an attempt to provoke in oneself the qualities inherent in a certain person who holds an authoritative position for the artist. And also the theme of imitation, copy, double. Through imitation and copying of the external image of Alain Delon, an attempt is made to approach the one who for Zhanna Gladko occupies this strong and influential position - in this case, this desire to be like her father.
In this work, the artist tries on the images of two men: her father and a French film actor, a sex symbol of the 60s and 80s, whose popularity especially spread in the post-Soviet space.
According to the artist, her father in his younger years had an external resemblance to Alain Delon. The series features photographs of his father from the family archive (from 1967 to 1989) in comparison with photographs found on the Internet with images of Alain Delon (from 1965 to 1988), as well as a video of the first minutes of the film "Samurai" (1967, director: Jean- Pierre Melville), which dubs the video production with the artist's father.

The series is based on travesty self-portraits of Zhanna Gladko, who was photographed in the image of Alain Delon and in her father's clothes.

Fragment from the project Los Atravesados, within Queer Week festival,  Treize gallery,
Paris, 2018

Group exhibition QAI/by

Ў Gallery, Minsk, Belarus 

right: photographs of the artist's father from the family archive (1967-1989);
left: images of Alain Delon, found on the Internet (1965 and 1988)

Group exhibition Los Atravesados

Treize gallery, within Queer Week festival
Paris, France