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Relentless Flow Of Time 2023
Waves Of The Future 2023
Vicious Circle 2022
Reality Will Manifest On Its Own 2022
Parallel Dimensions 2022
The More Are See 2018
Hymn to the Sun 2017
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On the Other Side 2022—2021
Return of Lilith. Winter Solstice 2020
Inciting Force cycle 2012—2019

Inciting Force (first show) 2012
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On the Other Side 2021
To Be at Sword’s Points 2016—2019
Not Alain Delon 2016—2018
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HEroic 2016
A Double Self-Portrait 2015


Relentless Flow Of Time

Glass, ash

The installation consists of panes of glass with inscriptions of ashes. The inscriptions on the glasses are taken as fragments of expressions, headlines from the world's press, which printed news about the war in Ukraine, about the revolutionary events in Belarus. The artist is interested in the phenomenon of information deformation in the post-truth era, when information flow is characterized by the layering, distortion and devaluation of meanings.
With the passage of time and interaction with nature, the rain and humidity the inscriptions would partly deform, erase, disappear - everything that happens to memory and history over time in the social, political and any other context. The artist collected ashes from burned newspapers, magazines, in which the world's media printed news about the events of 2020-2022.

Fragment of the installation created especially for the festival  Hvitsten Salong, Hvitsten, Norway, 2022

Waves Of The Future, 2023

From the series "Relentless Flow Of Time" 2022-2023

The artist used the key slogans and manifestos of recent times that have become characteristic of the protest movement in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, China, and Peru, Qatar, Georgia and other countries. These are the slogans with which civilians come out to protest, as well as the manifestos that the artists use in their statements. By juxtaposing two different sides of the information space – the artist also used expressions, phrases from the world media headlines that cover all these events, in particular the war between Russia and Ukraine – reflecting or distorting what happens in real life and demonstrating the principles characteristic of the post-truth era.
All words, expressions, slogans characterize the waves of protest in time, reflect the mood of the times, and influence the future.
For example, one of the important slogans of 2022 was the protest slogan of Iranian women ZAN, ZENDEGI, AZADI / زن زندگی آزادی / WOMAN. LIFE. FREEDOM. Most of the slogans in Iran have always used the word death - "death to the Shah," "death to America," "death to the dictator". Now the protesters are focusing on life. Women have become the main engine of this wave of discontent.

The protests are being picked up by waves of support in other countries, by those whoby those who resisting colonial, patriarchal, imperialistic, and political repressions and terror. The number of protests, artivisms, anti-war initiatives, and decolonial movements is growing, and with it, new slogans, new waves that affect the future, appear.

Fragment of the installation created especially for the Artistic Freedom Conference ("Fri Kunst"), Riksscenen, Oslo, Norway, 2023