Vicious Circle
Installation with piano bass strings, video projections; 400 x 400 cm
Performance Vicious Circle* is based on the installation Destroyed Piano, created by the artist in 2015. The work is part of the larger cycle Inciting Force.

In Ludwigsburg Zhanna Gladko constructs a space that refers to the idea of a sacral zone, a place that can be attractive at certain times and whose magnetism is difficult to overcome. It is an image of a homeland, a comfort zone, a community, a magical circle in mystical practices*...

Something that is a protection from external forces, but at some point turns into an insurmountable wall or cage, limiting the freedom of personal expression. A trap, from which you can hardly get out if you don't acquire and manifest your right to autonomy and independence.

* The image of a circle, a ring, refers to a sacred space that was used in magic practices. Such a circle was drawn with charcoal or chalk, thus protecting yourself from the outside. Later on, brass wire was used to make the circle. The most powerful action was considered to be when people stood in a circle, holding hands, creating a circle that united people into one community, a force.

Fragment from the project "Echoes-Voices from Belarus" project /
ECLAT Festival / Musik der Jahrhundertein
cooperation with the Kunstzentrum Karlskaserne
Ludwigsburg, 2021

ECLAT Hybrid Festival / Musik der Jahrhunderte

Hospitalkirche, Stuttgart, Germany